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Friday, 18-May-2007 17:28 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Flowers at Leeds Market

African violets
snapdragons or antirrhinums
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While waiting for kak izan for our usual ronda-ronda Leeds, i managed to capture pics of some flowers at one of the booth at Leeds Market. Mind you, all the flowers here are bunga hidup.. and indeed they have a lot to offer. tapi mahalnya harga.. i cant remember whether our florists back home tagged nama-nama the flowers such as these. If they do, its really a good effort and if they haven't, then they should. bukan apa, it could be a fun and educational trip to flower shops

Saturday, 12-May-2007 11:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One fine day at Harewood (Yorkshire)

with British Chevening Scholar, Salina
beautiful wood ornament
penguin ni selamba aje
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Early morning I got a call from my buddy Salina.. "lets go somewhere...dah tak larat with my project ni".. so i thought what a good execuse.. I cant stomach my dissertation anymore (at least for that week). We had a fun day at Harewood House.Harewood House belongs to Earl of Harewood, Queen's cousin. We marvelled at the art collections, exhibition, state rooms and furnitures; explored birds garden and the beautiful lake and green area. But actually Salina just want to see Nordy.. yupp the cartoon character with big ear and nose.. mm its ok lah.. jadi budak2 kejap.

Unfortunately, we cant snap pictures in the House, what a waste.. kan.

Tuesday, 8-May-2007 12:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my little Angels

the tall hensem one.. yeob fahim
so sweet nie.. kaklang farhah
the bright one kngah ateef with sapa tu?
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they are 9 of little angels (at the moment lah . my little angels. sometimes they can be angels, often pain in the b@%#... and most of the time they try to test my angelic power.. mind u.. i'm no saint.
but they bring sunshine in my life.. they make me smile, they make me frown with.. "mngah.. let go McD, let's go jalan2..,." and on top of that their Atuk will say.. 'dont worry, mngah will bring you here, there, bla bla.. but how can anybody trade that for anything else.. rite luv my little

i have only these photos in my collection for now. maklumla org jauh..

Monday, 7-May-2007 15:06 Email | Share | | Bookmark

thanks dear. thanks a lot.

Sunday, 6-May-2007 22:56 Email | Share | | Bookmark
aah.. the wonders of technology..

Netball teams and supporters in Manchester
Old Trafford, MU vs European All Stars
Braving the cold weather for MU?
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I have to start some where, some how.. i told myself a thousand times.. and more. so here I go.. something to keep, something to share, something to remember and worth remembering. So for the time being, i just randomly choose which pictures to store at my wimp and fancies. Bear with me please, as usual.. i need a little push.


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